Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Reconciled to God

In this life we will have times when we struggle with our faith, stumble and fall, and even times when we try to run away from God. However, He is willing to pour out His grace and mercy over us time and time again. He knows that our flesh is weak, and we can be influenced by the world. He promises to restore us and reconcile us back to Him when we run away if we turn back toward Him.

Look at the story of the prodigal son. In this story, you have two sons. They were both given everything they needed, but one son worked hard while the other spent his time enjoying life. He was favored by his father. He decided to take his inheritance and run away to find a better life. This drove him to spend all of his inheritance and destroy his life. He was in such a low place that he decided it would be better to be with his father and eat with the pigs than to stay in that low place, so he returned to his father’s house. When he returned, his father was so overjoyed that he threw a party in his honor. His prodigal son had returned. The other son was angry and jealous because he had served his father all that time and did not receive the same reception.

We are like that prodigal son. Even when we run away and try to do things on our own, if we return and truly repent (which means to turn away from sin), then we will experience the same reception from our heavenly Father. He will be so overjoyed that we returned. That is reconciliation.