Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Parenting, A Labor of Love

Parenting takes an act of love and can be a laborious journey. It can be difficult, but it also can be such a blessing if you follow the Lord and trust Him to be a part of your life. There is no manual that comes with your children when they are born, and no book can hold all of the answers you need. However, the Bible is the Christian manual with all of the answers for living a godly life, so if you seek its wisdom, you will find hope and love in your parenting journey. One definition of labor means “to strive, as toward a goal; work hard” ( That describes parenting.

What is your goal when it comes to parenting? Do you want to see your children be successful? Or maybe you want them to know the Lord and live a life that is pleasing to him. Whatever your goal for them may be, it definitely takes a labor of love to help guide them in the way they should go as Proverbs 22:6 states (Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it). Parenting takes seeking the wisdom of God, setting boundaries and disciplining, loving and giving grace as needed. When you do those things, you will see God work in the lives of your children, and in your life as well.

While you will labor in your parenting journey to provide the love and care your children need, you will also find that you are not the only one who labors. Pray and ask God to care for your children and you will watch Him work in the lives of His children.