Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: No Law Against Good

In the US, we have rules and regulations for almost everything. In Oklahoma it is illegal to eavesdrop, in North Dakota you need permission before killing a pigeon, and in North Carolina it is illegal to participate in a meeting if you are dressed in costume (“Weirdest Laws Passed in Every State,” USA Today). Some of these laws seem silly and unnecessary. However, there are many laws that are very necessary for maintaining order among people. People need laws about marriage and divorce, property, driving, and many others. Laws govern a society. They provide limitations and boundaries for people to live within and show how far a person can go before bringing ruin upon themselves. Laws are needed because we live in a lawless land full of sin. If there were no laws we would have destroyed ourselves a long time ago. This was the whole reason the Israelites needed the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament. They showed the people how to live and helped govern their nation. It is difficult to picture a world without laws.

However, there is no law against what is good. Galatians 5:23 says there is no law against the fruit of the spirit. This means there is no law about how much kindness you can show, how much love you can give, or how faithful you can be. Laws are only needed to show the lawless how to live. There is no law needed to show you how to do godly things for others.

When you understand that laws are needed to govern sin, but there are no laws needed to govern the good that comes from God, you will find freedom. You will find the freedom to serve, freedom to praise, and freedom to live in Christ!