Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Marriage is Hard!

Marriage can be really tough. It takes patience, compassion, grace, and commitment to make a relationship work. Society does not do anything to help Christian marriages. They teach that if it gets hard, just give up and look for a new relationship. They teach that you need to maintain your own identities in marriage rather than finding your identity in Christ together. They teach that perversion is okay outside of marriage if you have a good reason. When you take the advice of the world, your marriage will fail. That is why it is important to seek out godly advice and Christian counsel before anything else. The best advice is found in through study of the scripture and what God says about marriage and through prayer and communication with Him. So what does God say about marriage?

Genesis 2:24 tells us that God created man and woman for each other and that they will leave their families and cling to each other. That means that they make decisions together and rely on one another rather than their own families. While it is not wrong to listen to other people, if you truly want your marriage to grow, then you need to seek Him together. Hebrews 13:4 says that marriage should be held in high regard and with honor. Perversion has no place in marriage. Finally, 1 Peter 4:8 says that we ought to love each other earnestly. Since love comes from God, we must stay connected to him through communication in prayer and His Word so we know how to love our spouses deeper.

Marriage can be difficult and require you to be selfless. When you focus on your spouse and his or her own needs, then you will be able to see what God wants to do in your marriage.