Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Marriage is Beautiful

In the beginning of time, God created man. He created man to walk and talk with Him everyday. In the beginning, it was beautiful. Man walked alongside God, and everything was in perfect unity. God knew, though, that man would need a helpmate, so He created woman from the ribs of man. The union between man and woman would be a picture of the union between God and man. So the purpose for marriage began. However, sin entered the world through one decision- a decision to defy God and the relationship He had with His creation. A decision both Adam and Eve made when they ate the forbidden fruit and listened to the enemy. Sin and Satan have been trying to destroy marriage ever since.

Throughout the Bible we see times when man thought he knew better and tried to have relationships outside the divine union God created (like homosexual relationships, adulterous relationships, etc). This never ended well because it was outside the Lord’s will. Anything outside of His plan will end in ruin and will not radiate in beauty like the union between man and woman that He created. God then sent His Son to die on a cross for the sins of man, and in that, a new marriage relationship began between Christ and the church. This gives man and woman another picture of marriage. It is the ultimate example of how to love like Christ loves. This beautiful picture of love is the image of how God loves His people, what He will do for her, and it should also spur us on to imitate this picture.

Is your marriage reflecting the love God has for His people and the relationship between Christ and the church? If not, start by pursuing Him together through prayer and reading the Word and you will find that beautiful union!