Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Live a Self-Controlled Life

If people in this world had self control, there would be a lot less hurt and we would see relationships thrive and flourish. There are many examples of people who lived lives controlled by the Lord instead of their own flesh in the Bible, but one of the best examples is the story of Daniel.

Daniel was chosen by the king to serve in the palace. He was a captive living in Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar. When Daniel was brought to the palace, he was given anything he wanted to eat or drink, yet he abstained from the pleasures of the palace and instead followed the Lord. Even after Daniel began to serve in the kingdom, he continued to serve the Lord. When some of the leaders did not like how Daniel exhibited self-control, they planned a way to trap him. Yet, Daniel continued to serve the Lord. When he was thrown into a den of lions for serving the Lord, his true king, he still remained faithful and the lions did not devour him. The next day the king and the people were astonished to see Daniel untouched. They praised the God of Daniel.

Daniel was an example of what can happen when you live a controlled life and are not influenced by the riches and pleasures of this world. He continued to serve the Lord, even when others around him did not. He abstained from anything that would ruin his relationship with the Lord, and he trusted that no matter what happened to him, God’s name would still be praised. This is exactly how God wants us to live: a life controlled by the Holy Spirit.