Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Jesus, a Faithful Friend

Faithfulness is putting your hope and trust in someone or something. Marriage is one example of faithfulness. When you share your vows on your wedding day, you are pledging your faithfulness to your spouse. You are saying that you are trustworthy and they can hope in your love. Friendship is another example of faithfulness. If a friend is continuously unfaithful, breaking promises and is not trustworthy, then you will probably not continue to be their friend. Faithfulness is important in both marriage and friendships.

Jesus was the ultimate example of faithfulness when He submitted to God’s will and gave His life on the cross. Jesus knew His purpose on earth was to fulfill God’s will, and He spoke of this often, with everyone He encountered. Yet, He still struggled with the decision to go to the cross when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane. This showed both His spiritual side and His human side. He was faithful in following the will of His Father and walked to His death. He was willing to take on the pain and sins of the world so that we might live with Him and the Father. This was faithfulness, carrying out a promise He had made to His Father and to His people.

So when you are struggling with faithfulness, whether that is because you are having a hard time keeping your promise or you are struggling with someone who has not been faithful, just remember the love of the Father and how Jesus was faithful, even to death. He is our example of faithfulness and should drive us to be a faithful people.