Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Fearless Faith

What kind of faith do you have? Do you have the type of faith that stands in the midst of rejection, trusts in the face of danger, and hopes when all hope seems lost? Or do you buckle under pressure and give up when things are hard? God wants us to have a faith that hopes and perseveres in trials.

Fear can paralyze us and prevent us from trusting in the Lord. The devil wants us to live in fear. He wants to keep us from trusting the Lord. Faith leads us while fear holds us back. Look at Ruth. She lost her husband and was faced with a decision. She could allow the fear and worry to paralyze her and keep her where she was comfortable: her homeland. Or she could trust in the Lord and walk by faith. She could follow Naomi and the new God she had come to know. In the end, she chose her new faith in God and allowed it to lead her to a new land. God had a plan for Ruth that she got to be a part of because she did not give into her fear. She was the direct ancestor of Jesus Christ. God used her and her line to bring about His son.

What about you? Are you allowing God to lead you to a new life in Him? Or are you stopped by fear? We cannot allow fear to control how we live our lives. We must trust in the Lord and follow Him with all of our hearts.