Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Faith to Walk on Water

God wants us to trust Him and have faith that He will deliver us and care for us. However, we can become easily distracted by the fears that surround us and drown ourselves in those worries and fear. When we look to Jesus and keep our eyes on Him, we will walk with confidence.

The disciples, and especially Peter, are a perfect example of what fear can do to the Christian. The disciples were on a boat crossing the lake after Jesus had just fed the 5,000. Jesus was not with them, as He had sent them on ahead of them. A strong wind began to blow and the disciples were fighting the waves when they saw a man walking on the water toward them. At first the disciples were all afraid and thought it was a ghost. Jesus responds by telling them not to be afraid and then tells Peter to come to Him. Peter stepped out (the first act of his faith) and began walking toward Jesus. However, he allowed his fear to envelop him and he took his eyes off Jesus. He began to sink and was very afraid.

We see here what happens when you have faith like Peter did, you can step out into the raging waters and watch as Christ works in your life. But when you allow the fears of the world to creep up and surround you, you will fall. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is trustworthy and will lead you through your fears.