Today’s Truth

Daily Truth: Christian, Be the Good

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the good in the world. With pain, suffering, and heartache everywhere you look, good can feel few and far between. Turn on the news and you hardly hear of anything but destruction and despair. Social media tends to be riddled with negativity and rebellion against God, and yet they tell us to be the good. So where is the good?

The good lives inside of every single believer. From the moment someone accepts Jesus as their Savior, the Holy Spirit is planted within the believer, so good lives in their heart. When you go above and beyond to serve someone in their time of need, you are “being the good.” When you share about the things God has done in your life, you are “being the good.” When you reach out a helping hand during a tragic event, you are “being the good.” When you sit with a friend after they get a devastating diagnosis, you are “being the good.” Christians can be the hands and feet of Jesus and show goodness to the world around them. They can flood their social media with good. They can change the minds of the lost with their goodness.

Be the good in someone else’s life. Be the bright spot in their day. Reach out to them when no one else does. Show other’s the goodness God has been in your life by being the good in their life.