Devotional Thoughts

All You Need Is Love

“Love is all you need.” ~ “All You Need Is Love”


Love. We all want it. Long for it. Chase after it. We will pursue it to the ends of the earth if necessary. And yet, for so many it seems ever-elusive, like some mythical creature of ancient lore. We have seen pictures. We have heard the tales. But personally? We haven’t experienced it. Sure, there have been those fleeting encounters, those fly-by-night, left-us-feeling-unfulfilled relationships that we called “love.” But in the end they left us disappointed. Promises were broken. Vows were cast aside as meaningless. We were hurt. We were wounded. Betrayed. Broken. And left emotionally bankrupt. In the end the love we desired was not the love we encountered.

If you have found yourself nodding in agreement this whole time, then let me encourage you with this thought. Real love does exist. It can be found. It can be experienced. The Bible tells us that God is love. Not that kind of love that we so flippantly use when we talk about things like pizza or our favorite sports team, but real, lasting, life-changing, soul-satisfying love. No, I’m not talking about religion. But rather, what I’m talking about is a relationship. God wants to have a personal, intimate relationship with each of us. And that includes you. Why? Because God loves you. He created you. His Son died for you. And now, He wants to live in fellowship with you. Love is all you need. It’s true. Just make sure it’s really love that you are experiencing. Because in the end… love is all you need.